Hair products professionally crafted with 100% biodegradable love to keep you clean. Sulfate, SLS Free Organic Ingredients

Our signature shampoo is a great start to any day with the wake up call of your dreams!

Pictured here are just a few of our Organic grade botanicals that work together in a power house combination to stimulate your scalp with our Rosemary Mint Cleansing Treatment.

Organic Panax Ginseng; A potent anti-inflammatory that helps improve scalp circulation with lasting stress reducing benefits. Japanese studies have unveiled that this herb is in fact strong enough to combat androgenetic alopecia (thinning hair), effectively restoring your hair to its natural density.

Organic Seaweed; Turn the tide on your follicles! This marine extract is natures vitamin drink for your hair, packed with amino acids, rich in minerals and a natural UV filter which gently envelopes around each hair to protect and hydrate from within.

Hydrolized Rice Protein; Bio-available amino acids are absorbed by your hair cuticle to smooth out damage from heat styling. Does your hair even lift?

Cannabis Sativa Oil; A highly dense moisture rich carrier oil absorbed into the core of each hair to restore resilience and unparalleled shine. Especially beneficial for parched locks and curly hair textures.

Organic Equisetum Avernse; the latin term for Horsetail which is a naturally occurring silica, rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which has been proven to recover lost hair density and help those baby hairs grow into the stallions they were meant to be.